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Blue collars with pride

The inheritance weighs heavily — not true. Sometimes it’s also inspiring: the Heritage Collection quotes the traditional roots of the brand, so metal and leather articles have to be used. Craftmenship hand-picked.

Special Products & Merchandise — the Brown Duck in pretty trumpet gold, metal key ring with antique finish and embossed cowhide leather, plus a hand-painted pin set with signets from a century of brand history. Promophile for real.

Carhartt Work in Progress Logo on black Background



High-quality articles — within a set budget. The original sculpture of the Brown Duck is looking forward to the 3D-scanner to be reduced gently, so that the metal version is in no way inferior to the original.

More Special Projects & Merchandise like the Heritage-Collection for Carhartt Work in Progress?

Or in the end a cosy cup of coffee with milk and a lively chat about your own ideas and projects?