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The newest clou of evolution — from piggy bank to money duck – of course including slit!

To complement the design line. Designed by Carhartt WIP, realized by us.

High quality and noble — without being out of touch. Genuine craftsmanship turns a 3D file into a must-have for every Carhartt WIP junkie.

The complete reinterpretation of a classic, the heraldic animal and mascot of Carhartt WIP, the BrownDuck, is adapted here as a comic figure and fused with the logo of Carhartt WIP to a fresh and surprising form.

Despite everything, of course, with a slit, because even in the wildest outgrowths of evolution, a few rules have to be followed.


A ceramic money box, completely made according to the customer’s design. The whole thing is of high quality and perfectly produced. Many work steps were necessary to convert the customer’s design 1:1 into a real three-dimensional product, which meets his high quality demands. The result is a product for sale that corresponds to the textile collection and takes up and deepens the design template.

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Or in the end a cosy cup of coffee with milk and a lively chat about your own ideas and projects?