lynx-made®. promophile.
we are ›promophile‹.
Because we are professional.
The measure of all things.
And emotional.
When it comes to quality.
We polarize.
Because we decide…pro or contra.
No half-measures.



[pro|mo-]   Short — Promotion (through specific measures)
[-phil]   Suffix — enjoying a particular thing



lynx-made® does

collection within.
According to your label’s DNA we develop and produce items to turn your collection into a true brand experience.
lynx-made® does

go cross-selling.
We close the gap in your brand’s portfolio. Create additional business as a bonus.
lynx-made® does

Malleable? Feasible. Wether three-dimensionally, molded out of metal or in resin – we realize your special projects.



From idea to tangible product. Just because a goal is new, the way to it has to be complicated. Get in touch with us and make ideas real —for extra special products & merchandise.

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  • Nadja Dreyer

    Graduated Fashion Designer

    Former competitive athlete, former Head of Design/Product/Buying and sometimes even Head of Sales at various international Fashion Brands.

    Is now Boss, Hobby-Athlete and full-time Realist.

  • Office Düsseldorf

    Ackerstrasse 127,
    D-40233 Düsseldorf,

    +49 (0)211 56 62 19 92

  • Jost Hörmandinger

    Graduated Communication Designer

    Worked at different advertising agencies in art departments and as a client advisor. Switched to being Asia-Scout promotional products distributors.

    Is now Chief, Comic-Nerd, Martial Artist and permanent Visionary.

Special products & merchandise — we scout, source and produce worldwide. On eye level with our suppliers. Social aspects and sustainability are a given for us. Obviously. And this is why we say:



If you place productions around the globe you can not turn a blind eye. Our Offices in Shenzen and Fuzhou scout, coordinate and review.
Our German staff visits production sites regularly to examine and support the adherence to our ideals and to support our partners. That is our “Code-of-conduct“ or just “the right thing“.

#promophile. projekte.

A little navel-gazing, of which we are exceptionally proud and especially like to show.
All ‘Special Products & Merchandise’, all very ‘promophile
  • Special-Products-&-Merchandise:-USB-Stick-in-metal-shaping-the-logo-of-amizara
    #Amizaras #AudioBook featured. special-edtions.
    Digital audio book as special edition. With analogue added value.
  • BrownDuck in metal. With secret compartment.
    #BrownDuck #Carhartt featured. special-edtions.
    Is it a paperweight? A statuette? An ashtray? Or just a fantastic object?
  • Moremoremore...
    #Chuck #ChuckAllStar featured. special-edtions.
    How do you shrink an icon? This is how Original Chucks become MiniChucks.
  • Brown Duck in trumpet gold, metal key ring with antique finish and embossed cowhide leather, plus a hand-painted pin set with signets
    #Carhartt #CarharttWIP collection within. featured.
    A dream in gold — how tradition wanders into the 3D scanner.
  • Moremoremore...
    #collectionwithin #gadgets collection within. featured.
    Reduce, reduce, refine.
  • Or just the whole propere splendour? From Powerbank to Ansteckpin, from Retro-Mug to Pocket Knife, everything follows the command black and white.
    #ashtray #collectionwithin collection within. featured.
    FengShui meets Zen and kisses BlueJeans, Bushido already the Kotau — the Edwin Collection within.


We offer 3 kinds of service: Good—Cheap—Fast.
But you can pick only two.

Good & Cheap won’t be fast.
Fast & Good won’t be cheap.
Cheap & Fast won’t be good.

What’s it going to be?