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Attract attention camouflaged.

Fortunately we live in cities and not in deep forests, otherwise the gadgets from the Cypress-Line would not catch your eye. Travel and outdoor goodies — from the idea to the hand drawing to the prototype, live and in olive.

Carhartt Work in Progress Logo on black Background



Wish, ambition and reality must fit together. The best example: the cotton towel. Sounds like pettifogging, but it’s not. If you are allowed to touch it once, you know why.

More Special Projects & Merchandise like the Cypress-Collection für Carhartt Work in Progress?

For example the Star-Chevron-Collection für Converse? 
Or something really fat: the Bookend for Amizaras Chronicles?

Or in the end a cosy cup of coffee with milk and a lively chat about your own ideas and projects?